Wind and Storm Damage Repair and Restoration Services in Akron, Ohio

There are many different forms of weather that the Midwest faces that could cause damage to your home.  Some of these forms of weather include snow, tornadoes, wind, and thunderstorms. If a storm harms your roof, siding, or leaves large chunks of wreckage across your yard, it might be hard to know where to begin restoration. Paul Davis Restoration of Akron Ohio strives to help you rebuild your house after a large storm.

What Does Wind And Storm Damage Restoration Look Like?

Wind and storm damage restoration can be a more extensive process than simply replacing a few mission shingles and broken windows. At Paul Davis Restoration of Akron Ohio, we fully understand how serious some storm damage can be for both residential and commercial properties, especially if it is not tackled quickly and effectively. Leaving storm damage unrepaired can easily lead to may other further damage issues such as a worsening of structural damage, long-term water damage, flood damage, mold growth, and more. Our storm damage restoration experts work to fix the root cause of the damage, we replace and repair, and lastly, we restore your property to pre-loss condition so you can get back to the things that are important to you.

Get A Free Estimate For Storm Damage Repairs

Decades of experience around Akron has equipped our experts with the capability to fix weather damage.

  • Our staff is ready to give you fair and exact estimates for damage instigated by all types of storms.
  • We give you an estimate for the length and cost of the maintenance and renovation.
  • We work with insurance, bonding, and licensing, at Paul Davis Restoration of Akron our staff is ready to take on any job.
  • For additional assistance, we assist with your insurance provider to record a claim.

Whether you’re looking for repairs for your roof or repairing wind damage, you can count on the restoration professionals at Paul Davis Restoration of Akron.

Our Storm Damage Cleanup Services

Our storm cleanup specialists are experts in repairing any sort of damage your home sees after a major storm. Some of the many restoration services we offer include:

  • Repairing roofs that have been damaged by intense winds or other weather events.
  • Repairing wind and intense storm damage to gutters, shingles, siding, and cleaning up debris. (board up services are offered as well)
  • Restoring electricity to your home.
  • Architectural conservation and rebuilding assistance.

Wind Damaged Roof Restoration

Heavy rains and wind frequently cause serious roof damage. The Paul Davis Restoration of Akron Ohio professionals have roofing contractors on staff across Akron ready to aid you. We leave your roof looking amazing with our fast and meticulous restoration.

Repairing Wind and Storm Damage

Strong winds from storms can inflict extreme damage. The day after a storm, standard damage includes split gutters, strewn debris or severed shingles.

Electrical Repairs

Human beings require electricity for nourishment, warmth and comfort in Akron, OH. If a storm or something more severe happens and kills your power, it may be difficult to come back from that. Our technicians are accessible for intricate or minor electrical restoration following the storm.

Building Stabilization

Powerful storms throughout late spring and early summer can be devastating enough to wreck whole buildings. As soon as emergency services deem the property to be safe to access, we can get to work.As leaders in the restoration industry, Paul Davis Restoration of Akron Ohio offers architectural conservation and rebuilding assistance in the instance that your house is demolished by a storm. Whether the storm knocked out a wall or ravaged the entire property, we can make sure that your property looks fantastic.

We also provide mold and water damage elimination services. Check out the service pages to learn more.

Why Choose Paul Davis for Storm Damage Restoration?

At Paul Davis, we understand that storm damage can be a devastating and unexpected occurrence that is bound to cause anyone stress. Property owners can have very different reactions to the damage that a severe storm or wind can cause, and we work with them to implement a repair and restoration plan that will ease their stress. We work quickly to survey your property, create a realistic and practical game plan, and then begin our work as soon as we can.

If your home or business has been damaged by storms or wind, call the severe property damage experts – Call Paul Davis at (330) 920-1936 for storm damage restoration services in Akron!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Damage Should I Look For After A Storm?

It is essential to thoroughly check all of your windows and glass doors for cracks or broken glass, along with damaged frames. Be sure to check your gutters and downspouts for any disconnections, damages, or improper drainage. Also, check your roof for out of place, loosened, or missing shingles.

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