Biohazard Cleaning Services Near Me In Akron, Ohio

Trauma and similar tragedies are delicate circumstances that require particular protocol. Sanitizing buildings stricken by a trauma scene, crime scene, or death must be handled with complete sensitivity and compassionate service. We handle incidents such as crime scenes, loss of life due to homicide, suicide, natural causes, industrial accidents, and more. These incidents often require the cleaning of blood, tissue, and other materials that can present serious health risks to those nearby. The Paul Davis Recovery Services work 24/7 to provide the expertise required for emergency services, trauma cleaning and biohazard remediation correctly. Looking for biohazard cleanup services near Akron, Ohio? Call us today.

Paul Davis Recovery Services counters situations such as:

Unattended Decomposition
Handling decomposition is not an easy task, and it is a job for industry professionals due to the hazards that can be involved in the cleaning process.

Homicide, Suicide or Crime Scene Cleanup
Our staff members are caring, considerate, and demonstrate the utmost respect, especially when it comes to handling any cleanup relating to a person’s death.

Biohazard Removal Services
Fecal waste from humans and animals alike can be dangerous and hazardous to health. Because of this hazard, it needs to be cleaned in the correct way with the correct equipment.

In the same vein, sewage backups can be just as harmful as fecal waste. Our round-the-clock biohazard cleanup services are designed to keep your property dry, free from harmful bacteria, and looking great in no time at all.

Other bodily fluids like blood can be a problem too. Blood can carry disease and is not safe to be around. We work to clean these biohazards quickly and dispose of them in the correct manner.

And More
We are also equipped to handle situations such as:

  • Crime Scene Treatment
  • Trauma Scene Treatment
  • Industrial Or Home Accidents
  • Animal Remains Or Waste
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Forensic Investigation Chemicals
  • Mold Remediation

Sewage Backups & Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup

Trauma scenarios and crime scenes are trying, but these situations aren’t the only biohazards the Akron Paul Davis professionals can take care of. In addition to visceral biohazards, we can sanitize sewer and drug lab messes. Professionalism is necessary for either of these situations to be taken care of correctly. Both methamphetamine labs and sewage backup host a surprising amount of biotoxins that can seriously hurt those who don’t have experience or proper protection.

Biohazard & Crime Scene Cleanup with Compassion & Training

Specialists trained by Paul Davis are prepared to answer to these dangerous events. Our biohazard cleanup is operated by certified recovery specialists who adhere to firm industry, state and federal guidelines. Our team has the proper training from Paul Davis through our Trauma/Bio-Recovery certification training, or National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS) to complete the cleanup tasks scientifically with the latest techniques and equipment. Our specialists are in compliance with all local, state, federal, OSHA and other regulations.

Why Choose Us?

At Paul Davis, we provide round-the-clock emergency services for the Akron, OH area. Urgency and quick action are significant in the event that biohazardous materials are present on your property. Our compassionate biohazard cleanup team has the experience and personal protective equipment needed to tackle cleanup tasks safely.

Paul Davis employs highly trained technicians. Our team members can safely clean and remove biohazardous materials, fluids, and substances. We ensure proper disposal of these materials in accordance with OSHA regulations, the EPA, and other health regulations.

Reach out to the Paul Davis team today at (330) 920-1936 for round-the-clock biohazard cleanup services and cleanup in Akron, Ohio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Would Be Considered a Biohazard?

Biohazardous waste is a material contaminated with infectious agents or considered a threat to public health or the environment. Examples include:

  • Human bodily fluids and blood
  • Human waste
  • Animal waste and remains
  • Pathological waste
  • Microbiological waste
  • Sharp waste like needles and scalpels
  • Mold and mildew

Can I Clean Biohazards Myself?

You should never try to clean biohazardous materials like bodily fluids or animal waste on your own. Without the proper training or gear, you could risk exposing yourself to contaminants and infections. Improper treatment or cleanup can also spread harmful materials to other areas. It’s best to allow highly trained technicians from biohazard cleanup services to handle the job.

What Does A Biohazard Cleaner Do?

A biohazard cleaner is tasked with the job of completely cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing an area where biohazardous material is present. Common biohazardous materials include human waste, animal waste, human body fluid, microbiological waste, pathological waste, and more.

What Does The Biohazard Clean-Up Process Look Like?

Similarly to what crime scene cleaners do, in order to completely clean, deodorize, and sanitize an area where biohazardous material is present, chemicals and treatments are used that kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

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