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Remodeling services

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations After an Incident in Stow, OH

If you’re searching for great remodeling for your house or business near Stow, Paul Davis Restoration of Akron Ohio will help. At Paul Davis, we take pride in our professional renovation and contractor services. Paul Davis experts know how to make appealing improvements that are energy efficient and meet your needs. Whether you need a remodeling quote for your home or business, we will take the challenge.

When you take work to Stow Paul Davis comes with a no-cost consultation to set up your vision and budget before we get started. Our contractors work with your aesthetic with the latest tricks of the trade to give your home a beautiful upgrade. From beginning to end, your Paul Davis consultant will work with you each step of the process to guarantee your project remains within your budget and on schedule.

Enjoy Your Kitchen Again

When you imagine your ideal kitchen, you might think of throwing sophisticated get togethers or whipping up huge family meals. With renovations from Stow Paul Davis contractors, you can grow the size of your kitchen to have those dreams come true. The Paul Davis experts are trained in wiring, plumbing and more. With our experience and a complete plan of your expectations, you’ll get a stunning remodeled kitchen in addition to growing the value of your home. Talk to Paul Davis of Stow now to find out more details regarding our kitchen renovation services.

Stow Bathroom Remodeling

Sometimes the only solitude you get is in the bathroom, so we understand how important the right fixtures are to your everyday life. Our professionals can do bathroom renovations for showers and toilets for a fair rate with exceptional workmanship. We collaborate closely with you to ensure the finished result that matches your style.

See the Paul Davis Difference

Along with kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we remodel living rooms, patios, garages and room additions in your home. Contact Paul Davis today to get your free consultation and improve your home with quick, quality craftsmanship.