Responding to Water Damage

Flood damage in your home can come from a variety of sources. If neglected, water damage can hurt the foundation of your home. Wooden surfaces and drywall are prone to mold and mildew growth if neglected after water damage. The Paul Davis specialists are the ones to reach when your property experiences water damage.

Before Paul Davis Pros Arrive

It can be hard not to try and fix the leak yourself. That said, it’s best to leave the heavy lifting up to the experts. However, there are some ways to clean before the Paul Davis crew arrives. You need to act quickly to save everything in your home from water damage.

First, evaluate the safety of your home. It’s common knowledge that water and electricity are hazardous together, so look for electrical hazards on the premises before you begin cleanup. Even if it looks in-tact, stay away from items like televisions, toasters or other household appliances. To avoid accidents, shut down all breakers and circuits in your home to avoid electrocution.

Getting Started

Water is a persistent substance that can seep into every area of your property. When your house is safe to enter, relocate all your possessions. Paper and inked things like books need a flat, dry surface. Do not forget light fixtures and other shelf things either. Once you’ve moved smaller items, paper items and other dampened materials, the cleaning can begin.

To begin the drying process, we recommend fans or air conditioning throughout your house to channel air around the area. Let the experts dry the big messes Though you may want to try, you should never use a normal home vacuum cleaner to remove water. Improper use of these tools can be hazardous to you and break the vacuum. When you’re ready to move furniture, raise up furniture such as heavy chairs and sofas onto wooden or cement blocks to elevate them away from the the wet areas.

Fabrics and carpet are quite heavy when exposed to water. The extra weight makes fur, rugs and leather goods hard to move. So if you need to remove a rug, proceed with caution. Hang draperies, clothing and other fabrics away from the flooded area to dry correctly. Depending on how much water damage your home takes on, you might not be able to salvage every item of fabric you own.

Your house’s framework and floors aren’t immune to water weight either. Floors and ceilings can bow when they take on water weight, it’s best to avoid these areas.

Why Call Paul?

The Paul Davis experts are experienced with flooding {But with a little prep work from homeowners, we can get to work immediately.} We know how to restore your property back to normal safely and quickly. Our technicians are knowledgeable and have worked with varying degrees of water damage in all types of home and business properties. Furthermore, Paul Davis negotiates with your insurance company to settle your claims effectively, so you can get life back to normal.