Smoke Damage And Smell Removal And Cleanup – Akron, OH

When there is a fire at your home or business there can be devastating effects to your property and emotional health. Once the fire department puts out the flames there isFirefighter leaving a smoke damaged house often lots of damage left behind not only by the flames but also by the smoke and soot.

All of this smoke damage will need to be removed in order to restore your property to its pre-fire condition. At Paul Davis Akron our team of experienced and highly trained technicians will help you through the entire process to get your property looking as good as new.

Fire Damage Cleanup

Our IICRC certified technicians will not only restore the parts of your property affected by the flames, but also to everything affected by soot and smoke. The odor caused by smoke can linger in your property forever if not properly taken care of, and soot can cause structural damage to areas that were not even touched by the fire.

Restoration Process

It is important to start the restoration process as soon as possible so that you can limit any further damage and get back into your home or business as soon as possible. At Paul Davis Akron we understand this and offer 24/7 emergency services so that we can start our assessment and restoration in the quickest possible manner.

Our Services

Our certified technicians will work with you and the insurance company to provide an accurate assessment of the damage and restoration outlook. After the assessment we will begin cleaning and restoration. This process will include:

  • The removal of all salvageable contents for cleaning and storage
  • Restoration of the structure and anything else affected by smoke, soot, flames, or water
  • Removal of the smoke and odor residue from all surfaces in your home
  • Clear communication between Paul Davis, you, and the insurance company

Smoke Damage RestorationKitchen with smoke damage

To begin the smoke cleaning process we will bring all of your personal possessions, household goods, and other contents to our secure cleaning and storage facility. At our facility your items will be inventoried, cleaned, and repackaged before being safely stored for the remainder of the restoration process.

Smoke Smell Removal

Smoke odor is one of the most pervasive aspects of a structure fire and it is imperative to make that this odor is removed from all surfaces and materials in your property. Paul Davis will use environmentally friendly methods to remove soot and smoke odor from everything and replace things that may hold onto the odor such as insulation.

We’re With You Every Step Of The Way

We will take care of smoke damage and odor removal, structural demolition and restoration, cleaning and storage of your belongings, and anything else needed to return your property to its pre-fire state.

Call Paul Davis today, and let us be your best friend on your worst day!

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