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Smoke damage

Paul Davis Restoration Smoke Treatments in Kent, OH

Tobacco use inside or enduring a house fire can leave your house with a smoky odor for a long time. No matter what started the smoke damage to your property, it is bad for your home’s interior, furnishings throughout your house and even your health. Immediately after fires strike, deposits of smoke can set into your property. If you neglect to treat the smoke odor on your property, porous possessions in your home such as fabrics can take on the smell permanently.

Smoke also harms wood and metal in your furniture and within the infrastructure of your property. Tile, glass or drywall surfaces too can be tainted when exposed to enough smoke. For anyone with respiratory conditions such as asthma, the odor of smoke may cause problems. Luckily, you can still protect your family and house from smoke damage. The experts at Paul Davis Restoration of Akron Ohio specialize in removing smoke odors and cleaning the air for houses in the Kent area.

Smoke Removal Services

When you move quickly after smoke damage and apply the proper methods, a complete recovery is likely for your property. Paul Davis Restoration takes a personalized philosophy to reversing smoke damage in homes around Kent. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all method, we only use the methods necessary to clean out smoke damage from your home. Get more details by reaching out to Paul Davis Restoration of Akron Ohio today. Additionally, we provide complete fire damage repair services if your property has endured a fire. A few of our smoke removal services include:

  • Purifying services
  • Emergency cleanup services including soot removal and chemical residues to get rid of future damage
  • Cigarette smoke odor elimination
  • Help with insurance companies

Restoration Services you can Trust

Recovering from a house fire is much more difficult than just killing the flames. Smoke and ash may sink deeply into each and every piece of your house including ventilation, wall cavities and more. After a fire, ash can blanket almost every surface. This is why an experienced smoke cleanup company is necessary after the fire. To get a smoke damage remediation estimate, work with Paul Davis Restoration of Akron Ohio today.

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